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Local News and Notes from Kathy


1. Interest rates are at an all time low.

2. There are still good deals on homes to be found. Right now it is a buyer's market.

3. investing in a home will provide solid equity for you over the year's in long-term growth.

4. Inflation is a given, buying a house can stave off some inflation the longer you own your home.

5. Buying what you want rather then renting what is available is always a better deal.

6. Purchasing a home means you can make the changes you want to your home; something that is rare or not allowed when you rent a home.

7. Buying a home is like paying yourself as you build equity in your home.

8. Right now pricing is the best it has ever been and there are many homes to choose from for sale.

9. Owning a home is beneficial at tax time; you receive tax deductions on the mortgage interest, you can deduct the real estate taxes you pay on your home, and when you sell you may get a tax break on capital gains. (If you itemize your deductions)

10. The real estate market is going to improve. Supply and demand will eventually equalize.


Avoid Home Improvement Scams

I have been hearing a lot about the home improvement scams going on throughout our state. Below are some helpful hints to avoid getting taken by unscrupulous people. We have an aging population in our area, and the elderly seem to be targeted.

Always ask for a written contract for the work being performed. Never give someone money without this, and get a receipt.

Don't be afraid to ask for references.

Don't be pressured - if it seems to good too be true, it probably is. Tell the workman you need a day to think about it. If they walk-let them! A reputable worker would come back, or call you.

Never pay the full amount up front. Honest companies do not require this. They may ask for 30-50% down and you pay the balance when the work is completed. On larger jobs, the contract will provide terms on payments.

If you are having work done on the inside of your home, secure your valuables.

 Get a referral from a neighbor, friend, or professional. It pays to do this up front, and you'll be more comfortable in your decision.

On this website, we have a list of vendors. We have complied this list from our clients who have  made the recommendation, or we have used personally. 

Enjoy the summer!


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