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Real Estate Buyer Services

Real Estate Buyer Services

Kathy and Vid offer an array of services that are designed to help make the home buying process easier than ever.

No charge services

If you seek aid, Kathy Engel & Vid Lopez Real Estate will help walk you through each step in the home buying transaction process – free of charge! Kathy and Vid will never ask for a dime from our buyers. If you need Kathy Engel & Vid Lopez Real Estate’s assistance, you can take heart in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a thing! Agents get paid by the sellers, who have agreed in advance to compensate us when we sell their property.


Kathy and Vid will also work to provide all of their buyers with as much information as possible. Free market info will help you decide if a home’s price is worthwhile. Advanced statistics about nearby neighborhoods will let you know exactly what kind of community you’re moving into, and recent sold properties information will let you know what your home of choice should be valued at. Plus, Kathy and Vid will always available to take you to a property for viewing and answer any other questions that may arise.

Why use us?

Kathy and Vid work with you for all your real estate needs and has years of experience in Delaware real estate.
Kathy Engel & Vid Lopez Real Estate works full time, and has an excellent staff to help us as needed. We know Sussex County, we know the beaches and we’re ready to pass that knowledge on to you.

Waterfront properties and more

Delaware has countless real estate opportunities on the water – access to the bay, ocean, lagoon and canals is widespread throughout the region. Kathy Engel & Vid Lopez Real Estate is ready to help you find the ideal waterfront property today. Whether you’re looking for a classy beach house or a quiet, secluded home resting along the canal, Kathy and Vid can help make it happen. Start searching for real estate opportunities now.

Consumer Information Statement

Delaware law requires real estate salespersons and brokers to provide the Consumer Information Statement (CIS) form to you at the earlier of your first scheduled appointment or the first showing of the property. If your first contact is via fax or mail, the CIS form must be supplied with any other papers sent by electronic transmission. You must read and complete the CIS form before you list your home for sale or go with a salesperson or broker to view homes to buy.


The CIS form can be found on our website under the tabs “buyers” or “sellers”. It will appear on the drop down list.