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When Should I Buy?

Think about your personal situation. Determine from that if you are ready to take advantage of this buyers market

Think long term-I believe you should be thinking in the terms of 7 years, or more. If buying a primary home, or investment property, see yourself keeping this investment over this time-the days of instant appreciation are gone for now.

Historically, real estate has proved to be a solid investment, and it still is.Smart people are buying now. Prices are down, lots of inventory, interest rates low, so you have the advantage to find a good deal for yourself. Talk to your lender and ask what programs best fit your needs. I have people tell me money is not available, but it is. You do have to have good credit. The better your credit, the better your rates and terms for financing. If you do not have a lender, call Christine or I and we will have one call you. If your credit is less than perfect, we can still help.

Really, there is no best time to buy, just as there is no best time to sell. Everyone’s situation is different, so just evaluate your situation, and you will make the right decision.

When you think about it, there are good options now, both in low rates and many options in housing, or investment opportunities.